What is Crypto Quest Metaverse?

Welcome to the world of Crypto Quest Metaverse. Your second life awaits you in this magical world of sword-to-sword battles.

Crypto Quest Metaverse is a decentralized NFT game built on the Sol chain that lets you play through a fast network of 50,000 transactions per second over the Sol chain, offering a stress-free gaming experience with near zero gas charges. It will support you to “Play to Earn”.

Just as you get a job in the real world, provide value to the world, make money and live, at Crypto Quest Metaverse you can get a job, help someone, make money and live.

It is worth mentioning that Crypto Quest Metaverse does not adopt the Ponzi scheme method, which was the biggest problem of existing blockchain games, but by adopting a game model in which users compete for tokens and NFTs, tokens designed to maintain its value.

In addition, the scholarship system found in Axie Infinity has been adopted as an in-game system from the beginning, making it easy to introduce scholarships without the need for complicated interactions.

* Scholarship: A system in which a character is rented to a person (scholar) who cannot prepare funds and the owner can obtain a percentage of the profit.

By incorporating a mechanism that enables easy scholarships in this way, we will create a large number of new users and a continuous economic zone.

The biggest feature of Crypto Quest Metaverse is that it distributes in-game profits to Gamemaster Token ($ QUEST) holders (details will be introduced in the Gamemaster Token commentary article).

In a nutshell, Crypto Quest Metaverse is a world where you can make even more money by collecting $ QUEST while playing games.

In addition, Crypto Quest Metaverse adopts the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) method and it is a mechanism that those who have a lot of $ QUEST can get voting rights (governance rights) for future game developments. Of course, the more $ QUEST you own, the more profitable design you have.

Our vision is the “realization of a world where earning while having fun playing games is the standard” and the “realization and popularization of a 2D Metaverse”.

Playing in another world called Crypto Quest Metaverse, NFTs and token holders interact with each other as they do in the real world, open stalls in the market, challenge labyrinths in the guild, and challenge each other. You can grow up, work towards the same goals as your best companions and enjoy the joy of achieving those goals with your peers.

And in the process of enjoying the life of Crypto Quest Metaverse in a friendly and enjoyable way, you can also make a lot of money at the same time. Even people in developing countries and those without funds can earn more than their current salary levels. We are aiming to see such a world.

A historic moment is coming in front of you, where the conventional idea that “the time you spend playing games is wasted” is replaced by the common sense that “the more you play games, the more fulfilling your life will be”.

Crypto Quest Metaverse is another life where the more you absorb, the more you enjoy and the more you earn.

Now, let’s go on a journey to “another world”.

The Crypto Quest Metaverse Token Genesis event is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022 and will be announced at a later date.



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