1 min readMar 8, 2022

Crypto Quest Metaverse incorporates a scholarship system.

Scholars can borrow characters (parties) from character owners (guild masters or guild members) to advance in the game.

When a scholar borrows a character from a character owner, they are forced to join the guild that the character owner belongs to.

Scholars can play and be rewarded in the game with no risk, but they must pay taxes to the character owner on the gold they earn in the game and $METAD, at a rate set by the character owner between the range of 0% to 50%.

Scholars can gain gold, experience, $METAD, souls, and items as they progress through the game.

Gold and experience can be used to advance the game, however, $METAD can also be used to advance the game or to be sold for rewards.

Souls can be exchanged for $METAD at the Guild Bank at a price range of $1 to $10 per soul, set by the Guild Master.

The main source of income for scholars is to sell the souls they earn in the game.

Items can be used to progress in the game or be sold in the NFT marketplace.